Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The boys were so excited to go trick or treating tonight. I have no clue why! We first went to see Grandpa and Grandma and a few other houses by them. We were meeting my friend Jenny and her daughter Kassie and go with them around their neighborhood. Man what a neighborhood to go to. We started at 5:30 and by 6:30 we had their buckets full. Ryan was actually not wanting to go to any more houses. He was done. We then came home and decided to do the few houses in our neighborhood. But Matt convinced them that we should do some more houses and get more candy. Even after seeing their buckets full. So we did our neighborhood and our old neighborhood and the few houses in between. I asked them if they wanted to go to some more and get more candy and they both said "No, we want to go home." They had gotten their buckets 1/2 full. And then they find out that daddy says tomorrow they can just go nuts and eat candy all day if they want, even all gone. I do not know what he is thinking. I think I may make plans to be gone for they day!!!!!! But they sure had fun.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ryan oh Ryan

Ok. So I am starting to wonder what we are going to do with Ryan. Tonight he was riding his bike. He was doing a jump and his handlebars went funny and he crashed. He comes in screaming. I sit him on the couch to see what is wrong, took one look at his chin had Matt come over and then Ryan and I were in the car heading to Urgent Care. We got in pretty fast and got things rolling but we still had to wait a bit for the Dr. we had a male nurse Ramon come in and was wonderful getting Ryan ready to see the Dr. He was very calming. He showed us a picture of him in Iraq and the three medals he received there. He had gotten one for saving some soldiers that were trapped in a Humvee that were upside down in water and they weren't breathing and gave CPR and brought them back and then also the purple heart. He told Ryan he knows how it feels to be scared but it is going to be alright. He was just awesome. So anyway he had put some medicine on some cotton balls and tapes it to his chin to start numbing. The Dr. came and started the shots. Ryan was doing really well. Then they discovered the numbing worked great on the bottom part of the gash but not so well on the top part. So there was a few times it hurt a bit and then one part where I didn't even know Ryan could scream that loud. But he got through it. He ended up with 17 stitching. Poor kid. We were there for two hours. I get home and Matt had gotten Brett ready and they both went to get dinner. That was the best thing Matt could have done for me. Just that much less stress. During the Dr, visit we noticed that he had a scraped up elbow and then I knew of his pinky, which he was more concerned about that then his chin on the way. So we hurried and put a banaide on it while there, but it didn't work, so we had to put a new one on. He wanted the wrap on it so it wouldn't fall off during the night. He had a good cut on his pinky. It was then, when he saw the cut on his pinky he said "Man that was a big crash." I was like you are right it was. It didn't hit him when they gave him a mirror to see his stitches that is was a big crash but when he saw his pinky that did it for him. Ryan oh Ryan. Matt turned on the Muppets for them to watch. It ended at 8 so I was ready to get the boys in bed, but here comes Matt. He sat down with the boys and turned on another episode. So needless to say it was almost 9 before they got to bed! I hope we have a fairly easy night tonight.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

So I have good news. My mom is coming home today. Now I will start back to last week. Around the 15th my mom had to go and get a couple units of blood. She has been pretty sick and was loosing blood faster than she was making it. Wednesday, late afternoon, she started to have some pretty bad pains in her stomach. By Friday she had my sister, Corina, take her to the hospital. My dad and brothers were hunting and had left on Wednesday and were coming home Friday sometime. We found out that she had a perforated bowel and that they had to do surgery or she could die. They were going to life flight her to Salt Lake City to the University. My dad got there in time and they gave her a blessing and then they were on their way to SLC. Luckily from Idaho Falls to SLC it is only around an hour flight. They ended up having to remover her colon. They said it was like mush and there was no way to save it. She was doing well, she was on solids and they were going to start her on oral meds. Then Thursday she got some blood clots in her lungs, she got disorientated and couldn't breath and all her vitals dropped. They put her back in ICU. They opened up her incision a bit ans put a camera in there to make sure there was nothing going on inside. They found nothing which we were very thankful for. They were thinking that she would be going home on Monday. But this morning my brother Jeremy texted me saying they were sending her home today! I am so happy to have her around. Almost loosing her twice in a week is more than a person can take I think. There has been one to many times actually from this summer that we have had pretty scary moments. Now I just hope that she gets a break from all this and can start feeling better. Love you mom!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Boys

So we have another beautiful day today. Ryan had a half a day today at school. I love those days. I think Brett likes even more, cause he knows he will only have me for awhile and then he gets to play with Ryan. I guess I am not as fun. They love to ride their bikes. About 6 weeks ago Brett learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels. He was trying little jumps and standing to pedaling to get going faster within a few hours of learning. I think he likes to scare me! They can spend hours out there riding. I love the neighborhood we live in because there is such little traffic. I can usually count on one hand how many times I see a car. And a few other kids that are always out. It is perfect. Now if Ryan could just match a bit better. He likes to pick out his own play clothes and sometimes it scares me a bit. But to him he is wearing all blue so it matches. hmmm.
Last night I had Activity Days for church. We had a Daddy/Daughter night. They brought pumpkins and got to carve it out. They turned out so cute. Such creative and fun girls. I made these little Mummy miniature candy bar wrap. It was so fun and easy.
Tomorrow and Friday Ryan doesn't have school. It is Parent/Teacher conference. So we are in for another 4 day weekend. We just had one 2 weeks ago. The plus is I get to sleep in. Ryan loves to fix cereal for him and Brett so they don't bother me at all. Of course now if they could just be a bit more quiet! Oh well, I can't it all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy Week

So we have had a busy week this week. But it has been fun. Tuesday Brett had a little friend, Nathan, over. I went and got him at 10am and they had fun. I had to search to find some hats and gloves for them to wear. I still don't know what they were doing but they were having some fun. After lunch we made some flubber and let them have fun with that. They LOVED it. They would set it on the table and run cars through it and let me tell you getting flubber out of a car is so not fun. We kept him until about 2:30 and then took him home. Shortly after taking him home it was about time to walk down to the bus stop to get Ryan. It was such a beautiful day that they spent most of the time outside. On Wednesdays Ryan gets out of school at 12:15. We went and picked him up and the we started to get ready for Tag to come. Matt was picking him up at the Ducks stadium. He was there watching Brandon practice. He was spending the week then Brandon and Jordan and they were driving to Idaho Thursday to make to Stetson's farewell on Sunday. They both had school so Matt brought him home and he got to stay the night with us. I kept Ryan home from school so they could spend time together. We were going to get a Little Caesars pizza and take it to the park and let them eat and play for 2-3 hours. But when we got up in the morning it was raining. After I got all ready they played the Wii for a little while. Since we couldn't go to the park to eat we instead we went to Pizza King and I let them play there for almost 2 hours. When we left the dark clouds were leaving so I had decided to take them to the park. But since we were close to home I brought them home and made them clean up the games and legos and then headed to the park. They had fun. When all three got one those animal things I had to laugh. Ryan and Brett were just going back and forth and Tag is telling them how to ride a bull or bucking horse. Hand up and saying Ride em cowboy. It was pretty cute. He must live on a farm. The park had this little Rock climbing wall that the boys up too many times to count. It was a fun park and for sure on our list to go back to. We then came home and got ready for dinner. I had them go outside and run around for awhile before they ate. I was really trying to wear Tag down so he would sleep well for the long ride to Idaho that night. Brandon and Jordon got here at about 7:30 or so and headed out. We had so much fun with him here. We miss him already! Although after Ryan read his book he was complaining about his throat hurting. I took his temp. and it was 100.8. I gave him some Tylenol and put him to bed, hoping that it wouldn't turn into anything. But he came into my room this morning at 5:30 with a 101.3 temp and sore throat again. So I had to keep him home from school today. Poor kid.

Monday, October 13, 2008

At Last

Well here I go, I hope I can keep this updated for everyone. It was a slow weekend which was nice. This last Friday Ryan didn't have school so we headed to Portland to spend the day with my cousin Trish and her kids. It was a lot of fun. I wish we lived closer. Justin and Ryan had lots of fun and every so often Brett would be out there with them, but he is happy playing with all the little cars. Randi had a cousin over so she didn't have to play with "boys". We got home at 9:40 and went right to bed. Saturday and Sunday was beautiful outside so the kids were out there almost all day. I do not want winter to come. Today there was no school once again so I took my nephew for the day, once again beautiful outside. Tomorrow Brett is having a little friend come over and then another set of friends on Wednesday afternoon. That night my nephew Tag, who is visiting his brother in Eugene, will be staying the night with us. He lives in Idaho and will be going back home Thursday night. We are pretty excited about that. I will post some pictures in the next week or so.