Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ryan oh Ryan

Ok. So I am starting to wonder what we are going to do with Ryan. Tonight he was riding his bike. He was doing a jump and his handlebars went funny and he crashed. He comes in screaming. I sit him on the couch to see what is wrong, took one look at his chin had Matt come over and then Ryan and I were in the car heading to Urgent Care. We got in pretty fast and got things rolling but we still had to wait a bit for the Dr. we had a male nurse Ramon come in and was wonderful getting Ryan ready to see the Dr. He was very calming. He showed us a picture of him in Iraq and the three medals he received there. He had gotten one for saving some soldiers that were trapped in a Humvee that were upside down in water and they weren't breathing and gave CPR and brought them back and then also the purple heart. He told Ryan he knows how it feels to be scared but it is going to be alright. He was just awesome. So anyway he had put some medicine on some cotton balls and tapes it to his chin to start numbing. The Dr. came and started the shots. Ryan was doing really well. Then they discovered the numbing worked great on the bottom part of the gash but not so well on the top part. So there was a few times it hurt a bit and then one part where I didn't even know Ryan could scream that loud. But he got through it. He ended up with 17 stitching. Poor kid. We were there for two hours. I get home and Matt had gotten Brett ready and they both went to get dinner. That was the best thing Matt could have done for me. Just that much less stress. During the Dr, visit we noticed that he had a scraped up elbow and then I knew of his pinky, which he was more concerned about that then his chin on the way. So we hurried and put a banaide on it while there, but it didn't work, so we had to put a new one on. He wanted the wrap on it so it wouldn't fall off during the night. He had a good cut on his pinky. It was then, when he saw the cut on his pinky he said "Man that was a big crash." I was like you are right it was. It didn't hit him when they gave him a mirror to see his stitches that is was a big crash but when he saw his pinky that did it for him. Ryan oh Ryan. Matt turned on the Muppets for them to watch. It ended at 8 so I was ready to get the boys in bed, but here comes Matt. He sat down with the boys and turned on another episode. So needless to say it was almost 9 before they got to bed! I hope we have a fairly easy night tonight.


Christa+James said...

Poor Kid! I think that accidents just come to him! At least this one wasn't on vacation. ;)

Katie said...

That's a cute pic of Matt and boys.