Sunday, October 26, 2008

So I have good news. My mom is coming home today. Now I will start back to last week. Around the 15th my mom had to go and get a couple units of blood. She has been pretty sick and was loosing blood faster than she was making it. Wednesday, late afternoon, she started to have some pretty bad pains in her stomach. By Friday she had my sister, Corina, take her to the hospital. My dad and brothers were hunting and had left on Wednesday and were coming home Friday sometime. We found out that she had a perforated bowel and that they had to do surgery or she could die. They were going to life flight her to Salt Lake City to the University. My dad got there in time and they gave her a blessing and then they were on their way to SLC. Luckily from Idaho Falls to SLC it is only around an hour flight. They ended up having to remover her colon. They said it was like mush and there was no way to save it. She was doing well, she was on solids and they were going to start her on oral meds. Then Thursday she got some blood clots in her lungs, she got disorientated and couldn't breath and all her vitals dropped. They put her back in ICU. They opened up her incision a bit ans put a camera in there to make sure there was nothing going on inside. They found nothing which we were very thankful for. They were thinking that she would be going home on Monday. But this morning my brother Jeremy texted me saying they were sending her home today! I am so happy to have her around. Almost loosing her twice in a week is more than a person can take I think. There has been one to many times actually from this summer that we have had pretty scary moments. Now I just hope that she gets a break from all this and can start feeling better. Love you mom!

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