Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Riding bikes

The kids riding in the cul de sac. Love this neighborhood.

Brett doing a wheelie

Ryan doing a wheelie

Haley (neighbor) Nick (neighbor) Brett and Ryan.
They take after their dad. I AM NOT THAT WEIRD!

Boy's First Day of School

Brett with his new little friend Seth.

He found his name at his desk all by himself.
He is just growing up. He would go up the
teacher and say "I am ready for my first day
of school teacher"

Brett's First Day of School. He was so

Ryan all ready for school. He wasn't
as excited as Brett tho!

Summer 2009

On the way to Idaho. Brett was out but Ryan
stayed awake the whole time except 20 minutes.
And we didn't get to Idaho until1:30 am.

First night at Bear Lake. The water was so warm
and beautiful. The boys loved it.

Tyler being buried. Now that was fun
to see!

Jos that is just sick and wrong if you ask me!

This was the 2nd day and it was still a bit chilly
for Brett. But it soon warmed up and he was
out the there the whole time.

Now Tags turn to get buried. And they had him
deep, he couldn't get out himself. We made the girls
come back and get him out.

Alex being buried my Rusty.

What a cute little boy! Glad he is mine.

Ryan's poor back after coming home from Bear Lake.
Tags back was just as blistered. The majority
of got burned pretty bad there.

The moose that just around the corner from my
parents house!

The moose decided to pay my parents a visit!
Freaked Ryan out for a bit. But we all thought
it was pretty cool. Last year a bear in our camp
ground this a moose in parents yard. I think I will
take the moose in the yard any day!

My parents 45th wedding Anniversary. Love you
Mom and Dad.

Mom and the dress she made for Sophie, their
granddaughter that is being adopted. She is
so beautiful and sweet.

Love that smile!

Mom doesn't know how to eat a smores I guess.
I know it took her forever to get the chocolate
out of her shirt!

Tags first time down a slip in slide. He loved it.

Ryan and Brett loved it also.

The park down the road from my parents was
flooded, so we took the boys down there and let
them swim. Then took them back a scrubbed them
clean. We almost forgot to do it, and I am so glad we
did cause the next day the water was gone.

Livvy's birthday party. They had to carry a
plastic egg on a plastic fork. It was so fun to watch
them try that.

Elayne loved that cupcake.

On the way home. Matt surprised the boys and
flew into Idaho Falls and we all drove back as a
family. It was so nice. 5 weeks away from him
is way too long. But I feel so lucky to have a guy
that will send me to see my family for that long.
It was a wonderful trip. Love spending time with the
family. But it was nice to get back home too!