Monday, October 13, 2008

At Last

Well here I go, I hope I can keep this updated for everyone. It was a slow weekend which was nice. This last Friday Ryan didn't have school so we headed to Portland to spend the day with my cousin Trish and her kids. It was a lot of fun. I wish we lived closer. Justin and Ryan had lots of fun and every so often Brett would be out there with them, but he is happy playing with all the little cars. Randi had a cousin over so she didn't have to play with "boys". We got home at 9:40 and went right to bed. Saturday and Sunday was beautiful outside so the kids were out there almost all day. I do not want winter to come. Today there was no school once again so I took my nephew for the day, once again beautiful outside. Tomorrow Brett is having a little friend come over and then another set of friends on Wednesday afternoon. That night my nephew Tag, who is visiting his brother in Eugene, will be staying the night with us. He lives in Idaho and will be going back home Thursday night. We are pretty excited about that. I will post some pictures in the next week or so.

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