Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mom and Dad visiting

Wow it has been so long since I have updated this. I doubt I will remember all that happened but oh well. On the 27th of Feb. my mom and dad got here. They got here on my birthday. The birthday present ever. They got here about noon and he visited and then went to eat at Pings for my birthday dinner. The kids
were so excited to have them here. Ryan was home from school cause of a fever he had the day before. But luckily he woke up and no more fever. I was worried about that, I didn't want mom to get sick. She looked so good. With her being so sick the last several months it was awesome that she was well enough to make the trip. Saturday her and I went shopping and the next day we went again and I got a Cricut with my b-day money. It was on sale for such a great price and the cartridges were around 60% off so mom got me one for my birthday. Love that. Monday we went to lunch with my in laws and Tuesday they left. So we really didn't do a whole lot. Too cold and rainy to go to the coast so that was out of the question. I miss them so much. Brett said he wished he had a magic wand and then he could just make a wish and then they could live with us forever. Last time mom and dad were able to make the trip was when Brett was a few weeks old. Dad played Spider Solitaire on my laptop for hours and hours. This time it was Slingo on my DS. It was funny to see him playing a pink DS. We played bowling on the Wii and mom beat the pants off us each time. She is good. The boys loved playing that with them. I think there will be more of that when we visit this summer! Ryan has backwards day at school. He loved the fact that his pants were baggy enough that he could wear them backwards also. he had so much fun with that. Ryan is now out of school today and tomorrow. Up until an hour ago they were doing nothing but fighting. Now it is somewhat quiet. I hope it lasts. Well I know there is more but my brain can't seem to think of anything else. I will try and be better about updating this.

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wirenut said...


Mom and I enjoyed having lunch with your folks and you and Brett.

Love Dad Freitag