Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Few days without Matt

Not a lot has happened here which is kinda nice. I will try and remember anything, which for me is hard!! Last Thursday on the 22nd Matt went to Texas. He was going to be coming home Friday evening, but when he got Phoenix he sent me a text letting me know that he will be coming home Saturday night. I was bummed. I do not do well being by myself. But I kept busy so it wasn't so bad. Thursday afternoon my friend Cristy took Brett for me and I cleaned. Amazing what you can get done with no children interrupting you! I got him about 3 and got home in time to get Ryan off the bus. I was having a Scentsy Party that night and so I was still trying to get a few things done and get ready for that. I had 6 people show up. It was pretty fun. When it was all over with I got to call Christa and told her my total. It was so much better than I thought. I ended up getting almost 150 worth of product for only $57. So excited. I can't wait to get the stuff. The next day I chilled. Was too tired from the day before. That night was Enrichment with church and we thought there was supposed to be babysitting some of went with our kids. We got there and there wasn't any babysitting, but there was a "daddy" with a small baby who was in the gym and kept an eye on the kids. SO NICE of him. We played clue and others worked on crafts. It was a lot of fun. We got home about 9 and it took a little bit to get the kids settled down but it was nice when they finally fell asleep. Matt got home about 8:30 Saturday night. It felt good to have him home. Oh and Friday during his spelling test at school Ryan pulled out his left tooth, the one right next to the front tooth, I don't know what that one is called. So he came home so excited, since he wanted so bad to loose a tooth at school. Before Enrichment a small group was getting together and going to Panda Express. So right before heading over there, Ryan noticed that the right tooth (same as the left one he just pulled earlier) was really loose. I took a look at it and I dared him to pull it out before we got to Cristy's. I didn't think he would do it but man he did. He was just excited that the Tooth Fairy was going to give him money for two teeth!! This week has been pretty slow. Tuesday a group of us started our own little weight loss group. We are paying $1 a week and at the end of the month whoever looses the most wins that money. It was nice. I hope we can keep it going. I have talked to my mom and she is sounding better and better each time I talk to her. It is so nice to hear that. So thank you that have prayed for her.

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wirenut said...

So GLAD your mother is doing so much better.

Dad Freitag