Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally more pictures

Well I am horrible at keeping this updated. My goal is try to do better. Although just how many people look at this? I do now know. This last summer Brett learned how to blow bubbles. Ryan would try and try but just couldn't get it. Finally a couple of weeks ago he figured it out and now all they want it gum. Actually even before bubbles that is all the wanted. Don't ya just love Ryan's matching clothes? No I didn't dress him. It used to be that he wouldn't wear clothes that didn't match and now he has specific shirts and shorts that he loves to wear and that is it. I don't make him change unless we are going somewhere. We have been seeing Kassie a lot more lately and it has been fun. The always play with the Pokemon cards, there is something about those that they just love. Kassie I think like the glittery ones! And ever since coming back from Idaho the boys have been obsessed with cats. Our poor cat Pennie. She is the kind that doesn't snuggle, she is like you can pet me when I want you too, not when you want to. The boys really didn't pay attention to her at all for 7 years and now they won't leave her alone and you can just see that she HATES that. Kinda funny if you ask me. We have caught the boys locking her in their bedroom and making a bed of blankets for her and trying to get her to sleep in their beds. Poor Pennie. Well my brother in law Pete is now in Mexico. Poor Pete. He has started a blog and it is actually quite funny. It may be funny to all, but he is a very talented writer and I am for sure going to be checking hi blog on a regular basis. If anyone is interested it is The Mexico Descent on the right side of the page under favorite sites to visit. I am glad that Ryan is back in school but man Brett is BORED out of his mind, but so many times does not want to play with me. Arg. But at least it is Wednesday and Ryan get out at 12:15 today. Thank goodness. Well since Brett is bored we are going to take the cans back to Safeway. That will be something for him to do and I can add to my scentsi candle fund. Gonna have a party this month and can't wait.


LeCheminant said...

I have to tell you what Chantea said about Mexico. A few weeks ago Jeremy told her he was going to run away to Mexico. Chanteas like "no dad thats jail". hehe! She thinks Mexico is jail. She said something about that the other day ago again.

Sara said...

That is funny. You should read Pete's blog. It is like a living h*@!. I guess what jail would be like!