Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brett's 5th B-day

Wow! I have been horrible updating this. Quite embarrassing. So I am making myself sit down and update before I do anything else. So my baby turned 5 years old. Still weird to me. As we are going through life it always, at least to me, feels like it is going slow but when I stop and really think about it, it has flown by. Brett will be a Kinder this year. Exciting but sad. According to him I will be having parties while he is at school!!!! Just may have to do that! Anyway here are some pictures from his b-day parties, yep parties. He had one with the cousins on a day that they could come, one with just his little friends and then opened more on his actual b-day with us. Matt was out of town working when we had the family. So that was a bummer. But he had lots of fun and now I think he thinks he gets three parties each year. Gonna break his heart when he realizes that isn't going to happen. He got lots of fun stuff and this was the start if his Pokemon collection. UGH! And yes that is a new DS. The only reason he got a new one is because we returned our games and had enough of a credit to get one and some left over. Scary to think how many games we had!

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