Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

So we finally got the tree decorated. We had it up for a few days before we had a chance to decorate it. The boys love decorating it and I try so hard not to redo what they have done. Sounds so bad. But we always get clusters of ornaments. They actually did tons better this year. It took a week before I even finished the decorations. I couldn't get in the mood for some reason. But now that it is done
I love it. This is one of my favorite times of the
year. I love all the decorations and lights. They
boys and I always for a drive around for an hour
or two and look at the lights. What a fun time.
What a weird winter we have had. I was walking
home from taking Ryan to the bus stop the other morning and noticed that there are still some roses blooming. Yesterday was beautiful and I went outside and trimmed, or as Matt would say, butchered the bushes. I noticed on a rose bush that we had cute little rose buds. It is December and still getting roses. Maybe that is why it was hard to get in the mood to decorate. It doesn't feel like Christmas time. It is always fun to get a bit of snow. We got some last year, but I don't think we will get some this year. Plus when we do get some here the schools close down and there is only an inch on snow on the ground. It is crazy. But it is nice not to have to worry about driving on ice. Always hated that. I can't count how many times I ended up in the gutter. Wait that makes it sound like I was a horrible driver. hmmm. But luckily dad always left after us to go to work and we knew that within 5 minutes he would be there to pull us out. Maybe that was why he left after us!

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