Monday, December 1, 2008

My three strange boys!

So I have three strange boys. I was trying to get a picture of each boy and anymore it is so hard to get a good picture. Then Matt and that hat. It actually belongs to his dad. But several years ago it somehow ended up at our house. He wore it on the way to his parents house.
Thank goodness we went the back way and saw very little
traffic. But then I heard him say that he has worn it to work. Man I hope he was just joking. So it has been awhile so let me see if I can remember what has happened. We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We went to his parents house as we do each year. We didn't have as many people there this year and there was so much food left over. So we all got to take leftovers home for the next day. No complaining from anyone. We stayed until about 8 and headed home. The next day we just hung out and did nothing. That night my brother in law Terry and his friend Mike stayed with us. Terry's son Brandon plays for the Ducks. Saturday was the big Civil War game between the Ducks and the Beavers. So they came for the big game. Matt was wanting the Beavers to win and I was wanting the Ducks to win. And Ducks kicked some booty! 65 to 38. Not even half time Matt got up and went to play his computer! It was great. Even got to see Brandon on TV. Ryan thought that was pretty cool. Somebody he knew was on TV!!! Brett still didn't quite get it. It was a great game to watch. Then Sunday I did nothing. I started and finished a book. Picked up the house and then watched a couple shows and went to bed. This morning I started getting the decorations out. We got the tree up and a few things here and there. In our old house we had great places to put things and great places to put lights, here in this house there isn't as many places to put things. So I always take forever to figure out where to put things. Hopefully it will get done before Christmas. Me and decorating don't do well together. Maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow of the boys helping with the tree. I have been so horrible with taking pictures lately.

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Christa+James said...

Ok I just had a good laugh seeing these pictures! :) Glad that you had a good Thanksgiving!