Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial day Matt surprised us all with a drive. We headed up to House Rock. It was beautiful. At the campgrounds you are surrounded by trees and all you hear are birds and the river. Love it. I am even
willing to get a tent and stay there. And I DO NOT DO TENTS. You never know what will crawl in there. I love to camp and so do the boys but we have never gone as a family. We have gone while I am staying in Idaho but never with Matt. But being back up there he even wants to. But that means start buying camping gear. I wish we could just go buy a camper but that won't happen anytime soon. Oh well. But Matt did say maybe next year we can go back and stay the night! So we shall see. The boys had a blast. This was the one time we didn't get mad at them throwing rocks. They were in heaven. There was a really huge fallen tree that the boys were walking up. Soon them and daddy found a trail to the top of the tree and they all went up. Ryan explored a bit and then they ran down. They sure know how to scare me. Ryan did fall but luckily no scratches or broken bones. Matt put Brett on the tree at the top and I took a picture from the bottom. I had to zoom in just to see Brett. I added both so you can see how far up the tree was. The last one I think is without zoom. I wanted to go up and explore with them but my ankle is still achy and swollen a bit so we were not taking any chances. There is a trail you can take to a waterfall that once my ankle is better I will make Matt take us back up there and take that trail. On the way home we stopped and surprised his parents and said hello and then he took us out to Red Robin. The boys love it there and that is a real treat for us. Overall it was a great day.


wirenut said...

Nice pictures looks like you had a great time.

Bethany Haile Photography said...

The pictures are great! It looks like a lot of fun....and now that you mention it, I don't like tents either!
:)Just browsing through some local blogs and came across your coupon site, so I had to check this out too.